A downloadable interactive experience for Windows and macOS

You wake up to the red glow of your apartment's emergency lights, something is very wrong. As your insanity slowly rises, you must figure out what is happening in your building before you completely lose your mind!

This was a very short game made for a Level Design class at UT Austin. This was my first real experience with post processing and some visual effects. Kinda garbo honestly......

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Made withUnity
TagsDark, First-Person, Horrible, Horror, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Unzip the files and run the .exe for Windows or the .app for Mac!


Dark_Build_0.9_Win.zip 79 MB
Dark_Build_0.9_Mac.zip 84 MB


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this game has potential ! it needs an ending for starts 😅

this is my gameplay :)

Interesting game! Had fun with it! 


Played this for 3 scary games and it was pretty fun for being a learning experience! I found the flying furniture funny and liked the idea of the loop! 

Missing textures, terrible controls, and I got stuck in the first minute. I mean, really? I turned the power box off (?) and the door opened but that's that. Outside both sides blocked by spinning popping furniture.

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and was kinda disappointed with what i played. There were numerous clipping and missing textures and aside from the very unclear game direction, it just seemed like a random jumble of stuff thrown together. I give a much more in-depth review in the video. 

Not bad, if taken as an example of level design and visual effects it's actually pretty cool.

Nice game but too short

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I did a Twitch stream of your game on Sunday 02/17/19 and I uploaded it to my YouTube channel today.

I recorded myself playing it for the first time and made commentary on how I thought it played and what I liked/didn't like.  I tried to be objective.  I'm trying to provide honest feedback and playtesting to indie devs.  The link is below.